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The story of five warriors from Mahabharat

Written By Muveen Ahmed on Friday | 11:20 am

The story of five warriors:
Bheema, Duryodhana, Jarasandha, Keechaka, and Bakasura were five warriors in Mahabharata whose fates were interlinked. They were all born in the same phase. It is said that whosoever kills the other first, can kill the remaining three.
Lord Krishna, being Antaryami, knows about this. So during Pandava - vanavasam, He planned properly and made Bheema kill Bakasura.
Later during their Agynatavasam, Bheema killed Keechaka as he misbehaved with Panchali (Draupadhi).
Bheema killed Jarasandha and later Duryodhana in the War of Mahabharata.


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