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Draupadi’s Confession About Her Love For Karna

Written By Muveen Ahmed on Saturday | 10:38 am

Draupadi’s confession about her love for Karna.
This happened during the final years of their 14 year exile in jungle. Draupadi saw a ripen jamuna on a tree and instantly got the desire to have it. so she plucked it from the tree and took a bite from it. No sooner she ate it Krishna appeared and stopped Draupadi. But it was too late and he looked worried. Draupadi enquired what’s the matter. On which Krishna said “ This fruit was the first meal, of a sage who is on penance. He will end his 12 year long fast by eating this. Now Since you have eaten it, the sage might get angry and you may have to face his wrath.”

Already going through so much of suffering , she was agonised and asked Krishna to help her. Krishna said “ If a person with no kept secrets can put the fruit back on tree”
Though Draupadi treated all her husbands equal. She confessed that she favored Arjuna a lot than others because of his skills. Everyone was shocked after hearing this. Krishna realized that she is hiding something else which made him said that she was still hiding secrets.
On this Draupadi went to all the Pandavas and confessed her longing for Karna. Though she was loyal and chaste to her 5 husbands, she also desired and loved Karna.
(In the book “ The Palace of Illusions” by Chitra Banerjee, we come across many instances where this is proved. She desired for 5 qualities in her husband and she got them in 5 different men. But Karna alone had all 5 of them. Maybe if Karna would have been her husband ,she would not be insulted by Duryodhana.)
After her confession, now that she was guilt free. she went back to the tree and attached the jamuna to it again. 
As always Krishna looked at all this with a grin on his face.

(and since that day , when someone who is not guilt free eats jamuna, his tongue turns purple in colour)


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