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Fact About Our Universe

Written By Muveen Ahmed on Friday | 3:59 pm

Here I am listing some of the very interesting facts which may shock you :
1.Mercury is much faster than our rockets…
Yes,you read it correctly. Mercury completes it's solar revolution in just 88 days and is faster than any of our rockets.
2. Beautiful but dangerous…
The planet Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty,though the name suits it as it is really very beautiful but you can't witness it as Venus has clouds of Sulphuric Acid to kill you !
3. Two earths in a storm…
The Great Red Spot,a storm on planet Jupiter is intriguing humans since 400 years when Galileo first saw it. It is so large that two earths can fit into it.

4. Uranus was earlier named as “George”
Yes,my dear ;when William Hershel discovered Uranus in 1781 he named it George on the name of British monarch George III but it was later renamed as Uranus by the Astronomical Society.
5. Uranus's poles are hotter than its equator
Uranus's axis is tilted to 66° and hence it's poles get more solar radiation than equator thus making them hotter .
6. 42 years of Summer and daylight
As I have already mentioned, Uranus's axis is tilted to 66° and it's revolution cycle is in such a way that it witnesses 42 years summer daylight at its poles.
7. The temperature at the time of Big Bang was just 1027°C !
Actually scientists call the temperature at the time of Big Bang as 1027°C (It actually means 10 and then 27 zeroes after it).
8. Spartans won a war due to Lunar eclipse !
Yes,the Spartans won a war over the Greeks because the Greek soldiers got frightened by the Lunar eclipse.
9. The sun was just 30 cm wide !
The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once measured the sun's diameter to be of about 30 cm (He did so by measuring it with a scale from earth) !
10. Galileo was sued for 358 years !
Yes,what you read is a sad truth .
When Galileo supported Copernicus on his Sun-centre theory(that the earth and planets revolve around Sun),he was sued by the Catholic Church in 1634.
This was the longest running case in human history as it was officially ended in 1992 when everything including the telescopes and astronomers proved Galileo to be correct…


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